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With our Bomml Ai chat seamlessly create texts, charts, tables and have full conversations with our AI models and have your very own assistant for your daily work and business needs.

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Your personal Smart AI Assistant

Solve daily tasks in your personal and work life with the help of your own smart AI assistant. Save time and focus on the more important Projects.

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Our models are easy to use and integrate into your applications. You can use them via a simple API or our web interface.


Our models are fast and can be used in real-time applications. You can also use them in batch processing.

Privacy & Security

We take privacy and security very seriously. We do not store any data and all communication is encrypted.

Smart AI Assistant Examples
At BOMML, your conversations are unequivocally yours, protected by a steadfast commitment to privacy. Not a word is tracked or utilized, ensuring your dialogues remain untouched and unexplored by others. Simultaneously, we're fortifying our data protection, actively pursuing GDPR, SOC 2, and numerous ISO certifications. Engage with our AI, confident that we’re not just safeguarding your data but championing your privacy with globally recognized security standards.
Unlimited chats and messages
Engage in endless conversations and dive deep into comprehensive dialogues with our AI models, engineered to empower you in achieving your aspirations and tasks fluidly. Revel in the liberty of boundless communication – Your journey towards impeccable results begins her
Multiple AI models
Embark on a journey where selecting the ideal AI model isn’t just simple, it’s seamlessly intuitive with BOMML's chat. Engage in enriching conversations, whether you’re crafting code, weaving compelling text, developing insightful charts, or solving intricate queries, our opulent library featuring models like Stable Diffusion, LLAMA 2, Falcon, Whisper, MPT 7, and beyond is at your beck and call. BOMML’s chat is not just a tool, it's your dedicated ally, meticulously designed to elevate every element of your conversations and work effortlessly.
Website Crawling to Persistently New with Web Crawling
Unlock Limitless Insights with Our AI - Now Empowered with Real-Time Web Crawling! Immerse in the most recent 2023 intelligence and go beyond – your inquiries are boundless with our AI. Effortlessly access additional data by deploying web crawling, ensuring your answers are not just detailed but also the most up-to-the-minute. Let's navigate the ocean of information together, converting your queries into instant, comprehensive solutions.
Conversation Styles
Navigate through your learning journey with an AI that adapts to your needs! Whether unraveling the mysteries of finance, decoding legal jargon, or mastering a new language, our technology offers a multitude of conversational styles and personas, ensuring you receive answers that are not only accurate but also crafted in a manner that resonates with you.Experience tailor-made dialogues, perfectly aligned with your inquiries and learning style.
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