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Smart AI Assistant Your personal assistant to search for information from the web, write articles, answer questions and much more.

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Your personal Smart AI Assistant

Solve daily tasks in your personal and work life with the help of your own smart AI assistant. Save time and focus on the more important taks.

Easy to use

Our models are easy to use and integrate into your applications. You can use them via a simple API or our web interface.


Our models are fast and can be used in real-time applications. You can also use them in batch processing.

Privacy & Security

We take privacy and security very seriously. We do not store any data and all communication is encrypted.

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AI For Your Business

Everything you need to deploy AI in your workflows.

Implementing and deploying AI models for specific use cases is hard. BOMML makes it easy to use AI in your business. We assist you in every step of the way, from data collection to model deployment.

Privacy and Security
Our AI models run on encrypted machines in secure datacenter clouds. We do not track your data and never use any of your data to train our models.
Multiple Tasks
Text generation, conversational chats, embeddings, controlling, analyzing, Optical character recognition and much more.
Ready for your Apps
Easily integrate AI via our API endpoints in your apps no matter your tech stack.
Competitive Pricing
Enjoy the best prices on the market for on-demand AI services and only pay for what you use.
Fine Tuning and Training
Need an AI for a specific task or based on your data? Fine tune and even retrain our models for your usecase.
Bring your Data
Add your documents, files and other metadata as knowledge bases to generate much more relevant responses for your use case.
On Premise
Need your very own AI model running on your hardware? We help you with each step.
For every Use Case
Have a problem you would like to solve with the help of AI? Contact us and our experts will find a solution for you.

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